Our partners consist of health care entities with whom we would like to establish a close bond for mutual collaboration in order to deliver customized solutions to our users and clients. By partnering with us, you will be able to grow your brand as well as reach out to more clientele through our offerings.

HCSPs (Health Care Service Providers)

We work with corporate clients to provide turnkey digital health solutions thereby providing the twin benefits of increasing productivity and reducing liability. We work with you to provide these solutions for our clients that enhance your existing services and offerings as well as provides you a platform to reach out to more users. As a third-party health and wellness program provider, we offer a digital platform, dashboards and ongoing program management. As part of our network, you will be able to enhance your band reach and get insights for better care co-ordination. We work with Hospitals, Primary care clinics, Diagnostic Centres and Pharmacies.

Insurance Companies

As per the new insurance regulatory changes introduced by IRDA, health insurance companies can now promote wellness and preventive health care with offers and discounts to their users. This is a win-win for both the client and the payer. We help insurance companies to gather the data that is needed for demonstrated improvement in the user’s health. Our application has algorithms that will provide the analysis on how the insured are looking after their health. This would enable you to stand out and significantly differentiate your offerings.

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myHealthValet (mhv) is into Occupational health consulting having its expertise in the manufacturing industry. 


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