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Occupational Health has become a major challenge for the workforce in manufacturing and allied industries. With the advent of mechanisation and robotization, Occupational hazards are decreasing but lifestyle disorders are increasing. The statistics are alarming to say the least. There has been an astounding 115% increase in employer sponsored insurances in the last few years. The global spend for healthcare on overweight employees by companies worldwide is close to USD 75 Billion. In India, cardiac risk, obesity, diabetes and psychosomatic stress are the top risk risk profiles constituting more than 60% of the workforce.


All this indicates that there is an urgent need to assess and mange the health of the workforce on a continuous basis and achieve a culture of good health within the organisation. By doing this, employees will be less prone to falling sick, more likely to live longer, less likely to be absent and highly likely to be productive. This ensures that there is an ROI on customized health and wellness management programs.


Taking this into consideration, Hygeia e-Services Pvt Ltd (myHealthValet), an Occupational Health consulting and technology company has come up with unique solutions to address this need. myHealthValet acts as a single point of contact for Manufacturing companies in terms of both the Health Assessments as well as providing solutions to manage the Occupational/Medical centre at the factory.
myHealthValet is widely accepted by one of the largest Indian OEMs for proactively managing the health of their workforce. We are engaged with all their plants pan india comprising a workforce strength of about 25000 employees beside other large manufacturing companies.

We are part of CII Institute of Logistics initiative on connected solutions for Supply Chain transformation and are the exclusive Occupational Health solutions provider to feature in the list of service providers




Single point of contact

For all health and medical screening, surveillance interventions including vaccinations, immunizations and conducting various medical tests like blood sugar, ECG, audiometry, vision, Chest X-ray, PFT among others.


Dashboards & Analytics

Showing trends and patterns on the changing employee health for decision making and initiating interventions.

Health Risk Assessments

To understand the health quotient of the workforce and insights into their health vis-a-vis similar group in terms of age, gender and underlying conditions.

Digitisation of the Occupational Health Centre

Through its online SaaS software to provide instantaneous alerts, capture accident/injury/health condition statistics, digitise health records, monitoring of drug usage, provide doctor’s dashboard and connectivity to the plant pharmacy thereby providing a comprehensive Health and Safety Management System.

mhv – an inside look

myHealthvalet brings together care givers for effective tracking and monitoring as well as an workforce centric ecosystem  resulting in better employee care  & holistic treatment for the family

The mhv application for you

Easy-Use-Icon-Helath Records

Easy to use

Intuitively designed,simple and elegant with easy navigation features

Secure-Icon-Helath Records


Secured on the cloud with added protection data integrity and availability

Notifications-Icon-Helath Records

Instant Notifications

Get all your notifications relating to appointments, medicine reminders and vaccinations

No-Cost-Icon-Helath Records

No Hidden Costs

Low annual fee,free automatic upgrades and no other AMC costs

Anytime-Icon-Helath Records

Available anywhere, anytime

Hassle free access to your family's health and other details on the go!

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Registered Doctors
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NSK Bearings India Pvt Ltd.

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Ashok Leyland Ltd.


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