Online Platform for Self-health Management

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Users today are demanding better service levels from healthcare service providers that go beyond diagnosis and quality of care, to the use of technology to take care of their health, in addition to the convenience of not having to carry bulky files with them whenever they meet a doctor.

Following the concept of patient centered, end to end cohesive health care is Chennai based Hygeia e-Services, that provides determining of the most appropriate course of treatment leading to quality care with reduced costs through its myHealthvalet application. myHealthvalet provides a 360-degree view of the patient to the doctor for better diagnosis and prognosis. It also provides continuous points of touch with the patient thereby significantly increasing patient experience and engagement.Incepted in November 2013, Hygeia e Services Pvt. Ltd. was co-founded by Ranjit Kovilinkal and Gowtham Raj Viswanathan to create myHealthvalet, aimed at helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle through proactive monitoring and disease management. myHealthvalet places the patients at the centre of the healthcare ecosystem while having modules for the doctor, hospital, lab and pharmacy. “All these modules are tightly integrated with each other creating a hyper loop enabling the platform to be accessed more often by the users,” claims Ranjit  and Gowtham.

Product Suite for the Complete Healthcare Ecosystem

Positioned as an interactive platform and supported by a mobile app; myHealthvalet brings together effective tracking and monitoring. myHealthvalet seamlessly connects with the patient’s consulting doctor and allows the patient to record parameters like blood sugar, blood pressure, creatinine and other vitals for monitoring by the doctor. Besides, the product has built-in alerts and notifications for appointments, medicine intake and vaccinations  of patients.

Hygeia is currently developing an application specific to Orthopedics known as myOrthovalet. The number of deaths due to road accidents, life style and occupational injuries is growing at an alarming rate and is much higher than all the other diseases put together. myOrthoValet will create a set of standardized and systemic data for referencing future cases to determine the most appropriate course of treatment leading to reduction in cost of care. myHealthvalet is also in the process of conducting a pilot project on ‘linking health and productivity’ with a multinational company.

Designed to provide healthcare informatics to all stakeholders viz; the doctors, hospitals, NGOs, , TPAs, Diagnostic labs and Pharmacies; myHealthvalet is in the process of creating an equitable health care ecosystem. “We are focused on ensuring the doctor patient relationships and interactions are transformed into one where there is involved care and continuous attention. We are looking to expand both geographically as well as in terms of specializations so that we make the most impact to our customers and the society at large. We are gearing up to focus on the people at the bottom of the pyramid as we believe that the Health of our nation can be enhanced only when there is sufficient technology and infrastructure focus at all levels. We want to champion Affordable Health for all,” concludes Ranjit  and Gowtham.