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Dealing With Asthma in Children

June 30th, 2014 Posted by Child Care, Health 0 comments on “Dealing With Asthma in Children”

The prevalence of asthma in India is very obviously on the rise, and the medical fraternity attributes this trend to the increasing levels of environmental pollution as well as to the increased levels of stress among children. (more…)


Ayurveda for the Elderly

June 29th, 2014 Posted by Ayurveda, General, Health 0 comments on “Ayurveda for the Elderly”

Owing to the stresses of modern-day living, many of us have started to feel the aches and pains of old age creep up upon us even as we cross forty. It may be easier to be ‘resigned to one’s fate’ by saying that we’ll just have to live with it, or to just grin and bear it. (more…)


Dance your way to good health!

June 16th, 2014 Posted by General, Health 0 comments on “Dance your way to good health!”

A friend of mine casually asked me one evening what I was doing? I said ‘Nothing in particular’. He told me ‘then why not we join a dance school.’ I asked him ‘if you take a wooden pole and twist it what will happen’. He said it will break. I told him ‘that’s me when it comes to dancing. I do not know how to dance. For dance you need to have grace and flexibility.’ (more…)


Keep the neurons firing in the child!

June 12th, 2014 Posted by Child Care, Health 0 comments on “Keep the neurons firing in the child!”

Every Indian parent’s dream is to be able to see a 90% + entry against every subject on the report cards of their wards- nothing less will sufficeI noticed that my neighbour’s children had suddenly stopped cycling and playing on the street outside our gate, which they used to do until they were in the 3rd or 4th grades. (more…)

Ageing Gracefully with Ayurveda

June 7th, 2014 Posted by Ayurveda, Health 0 comments on “Ageing Gracefully with Ayurveda”

Although Ayurveda originated in India, it has taken the West to discover its merits and bring this precious gem back to us. In the pre-Internet era, not many of us could gain access to Ayurvedic treatment because the centres of healing were, with the exception of Kerala, few and far between. (more…)


Recent Tends in Diabetes Management

June 2nd, 2014 Posted by Diabetes, Health 0 comments on “Recent Tends in Diabetes Management”

As we all know by now, diabetes is a lifestyle disorder that is linked to several other health problems like obesity and heart disease. It is one of the most challenging of health conditions to treat. The latest reports indicate that there are more than 50 million diabetics in India. (more…)