Dance your way to good health!

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A friend of mine casually asked me one evening what I was doing? I said ‘Nothing in particular’. He told me ‘then why not we join a dance school.’ I asked him ‘if you take a wooden pole and twist it what will happen’. He said it will break. I told him ‘that’s me when it comes to dancing. I do not know how to dance. For dance you need to have grace and flexibility.’

He egged me on stating that since I was play Frisbee this should be easy to handle. Reluctantly I enrolled for the class. And boy oh boy…there was no turning back. If there is something that is supreme for fun then this would be it! I started enjoying it thoroughly…so much so I used to come home and practice the steps. Even though I could not dance as well as the others, my energy and dedication was showing and my teacher also made a comment of me to the rest of the class. I was also able to laugh like I never did before to see myself and the others not able to perform some of the steps. Most of the dance forms were couple dances like bachata, meringue and salsa and hence it was important that you are in sync with your partner during the dance routines and you really need to enjoy the music. Now am into freestyle and zumba and also choreographed an event for my alumnus.

Dancing is like doing a work-out routine in the gym and at the same time having loads of fun. Try dancing, yoga and meditation and you need not visit the physician for the rest of your life!

The lessons I learnt…

ü  The mind and the body are in rhythm and enjoying the present moment.

ü  The mind and body is integrated. You cannot think of anything while dancing

ü  You express yourself in a way that only you can and overcome your coyness (especially when you find out that the others are also in the same boat :-))

ü  The feeling of exhilaration that comes in and

ü  It works wonders on your fitness and you burn more calories than going to a gym

So go ahead and dance your way through life 🙂

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